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  • I Made Something For Funhaus!

    7 months ago

    Chasetheeggchild Your YouTube Sugar Daddy

    I made this video with the intention to make the members of Funhaus laugh and fans of Roosterteeth in general. I love making videos and thought I'd make one about my favorite group I plan on doing Achievement Hunter Next if this video is well received! Please don't just read the title and make assumptions, trust me. Click here to watch the video!


    7 months ago


    I have a friend IRL and we would like to add each other but neither of us can figure out how to search for anyone specifically or how to actually add them as friends instead of following them. And what if we eventually would like to add other people? We have no idea how to do this.

    Please, can anyone help? Any advice? I see nothing indicating that I can send a friend request to anyone.

  • 7 channels doing 7 days of 7 Days to die?

    11 months ago


    I know this is a crazy thought and i am only dreaming, but would anyone else like to see 7 days of 7 channel(groups) playing 7 days to die?  I actually dont care what game, but i would love to see RT, Lets Play, Funhuas, Screw/Game Attack, Kinda Fun, The creature hub, and Cowchop all play one of this survive games as 7 different groups.  I think this could be an amazing monthly show for all the channels or an amazing one time event, that would really make the Lets Play/RT family feel more like a family!

    Jack I know you can talk every one into this.  Please Jack your my only hope!

  • About Me

    1 year ago



    Username: wassmiah

    From: Manila, Philippines  

    FIRST member: Yes

    Date Joined: March 20, 2016

    Last Signed in: Today

    Rooster Teeth Content:  

    First Rooster Teeth Video you saw: 

    Last Podcast you watched: 

    Favorite member of the Rooster Teeth Cast & Crew: For years it has been Michael Jones but then Adam Kovic came into my life so yeah them both plus Elyse Willemsbenson.png

    Did you watch a RT video today: Yes

    If yes Which one:


    Favorite RT Series: RWBY

    Favorite RT video: 

    RT Site:  

    Current Number Of Notifications: 0 (either i'm new or i'm a loser lmao)

    Name of first Journal: About Me

    Name of you latest Journal: About Me

    Last Photo you uploaded: just my profile picture

    Last Thread you commented on: none

    First group in your group list: Funhaus Fans

    Last Private message sent to: none

    Gamer Score/ Total Trophies: GS: none

    Team Lads or Team Gents: Lads

    Favorite Achievement Hunter: Micoooo

    Minecraft Skin: none

    Favorite AH show: GTA V Let's Plays

    The Community  

    Favorite Group: Funhaus Fans

    Have you gone to a community event: none...yet

    Favorite Fellow Community member: everyone! Jk idk i dont know anybody yet

    Do the copy/edit/tag/share thing.

  • Off Topic #16 - Kids Need Handjobs

    1 year ago


    I haven't done one of these for such a long time. But I've been doing an Off Topic marathon recently, and after watching 16 episodes where I've been constantly thinking "I've got a story about that!" I think it's time I brought this back where I reminisce about related topics and share them with the community.

    Adam Kovic's Colonic Irrigation

    I'll be honest I've never actually had a colon cleanse. Not by choice anyway! (Seriously, why do people do this?) My "colon cleanse" was for health reasons, in which I had to prepare myself for endoscopy, throat and butt. So kinda like a spit roast but less pleasant.
    5 years ago I was getting some agonising stomach pains and the hospital decided that the procedure was needed to find out what was going on. The laxatives they sent tasted horrendous, so horrendous I had to hold my nose to drink that shit. It's all a little hazy now but all I really remember of that night is my mate coming down to see me suffer (fuck you pal), and running to the bathroom constantly screaming, "I'm not OK".
    Fast forward to the bit where they started the endoscopy, and I was laying on my side, silently crying, my heart breaking a little bit because my throat had just been violated by a bendy metal tube. From where I was laying I could see the monitor that was showing what the camera inside me was seeing, and the nurse stroking my hair was like, "Oh! Look how good a job you did clearing yourself out! See there's nothing in there at all! Well done." The fury... like you wouldn't believe. I was half-naked from the waist down, with a camera up my very sore butt, my throat felt like I'd been swallowing sandpaper, and with zero sleep because I'd been shitting all night and she decided to take that patronising tone with me. There's nothing worse.

    Fuck that nurse.

    Gavin Free's Weak Burps

    Do you know what? I'd fucking love to have weak burps. As a woman, being able to burp discreetly, in a feminine way would be a handy skill to have. I had a conversation about this with my dad just the other day, where I blamed his parenting on my inability to burp like a lady.

    Honestly, I feel like my parents didn't prepare me properly for womanhood. My brother is older than me, so I think my parents thought, "well our parenting style worked for the first one, we'll just stay the course for the second one". So when it came to stuff like burping and farting, it was always a competition, because they raised me like another boy. I mean, I didn't put a dress on until I was 23. And I only learned about contouring about 2 months ago? Turns out I've been doing my makeup wrong for years.

    So due to my upbringing my burps are obnoxious sounding, guttural and manly. Bottled beer is the worst! There's so much gas! I go over to my mate's place all the time and it's all he drinks so naturally that's all I drink too. And I try to hold in these manly burps but they're so boisterous that I'm actually doing INTERNAL MAN BURPS. It's so loud and it feels like my insides are going to burst.

    I wish I had girly burps.

  • Top 8 Post Ideas for Rooster Teeth.

    1 year ago


    As a seasoned expert who has been a user of this website for 2 weeks now, I'm running out of ideas for posts. That is why I have compiled 8 of the best post ideas for future reference. You can also use this just in case you can't think of anything to write about. I'm a nice guy.

    1. Start each post with the next letter of the alphabet

    Nothing gets the creative juices flowing more than rigid rules. This will help you narrow down what you want to talk about. Rather than thinking "What did I do this week?", you'll be thinking "What did I do this week that started with A?". Here's a good example.

    Week 1: About to buy a dog.

    Week 2: Buster is my new dog.

    Week 3: Can't find my dog.

    Week 4: Dog is dead.

    Week 5: Egg-cellent eggs for breakfast.

    2. Have a near-death experience

    You've just survived what could have been the last moment of your life. Your heart is beating, your mind is racing. It's time to start writing. As you're thinking about everything you would have lost and everything you're so grateful for now, you'll be getting down a great post for the members of this website and, hopefully, it wont come across as weird. Be careful, though. If you do your experience too well your post could turn in to a eulogy. It happened to one of my friends once. R.I.P. Tim.

    3. Talk about someone else

    Are you not interesting? Chances are somebody you know is. Friends and family are a great source of material and stories. All you have to do is ask. And if they are private people, I'm sure you know someone else that wouldn't realize they were being followed by a quiet Rooster Teeth fan with a notepad. Here's an example of what this type of post would look like.

    Just got home after my run. Gee, I am tired. So tired I forgot to close the blinds (again). Wait, there's that sound by the bushes in the front yard again. What is that? It's probably nothing. Anyway, time to get my Gatorade on and watch some Grey's Anatomy.

    4. Type while sleep deprived

    The best way to think of an idea is to not think. You try processing thoughts after 24 hours without sleep. It's hard, isn't it? If at this point you can still remember the language you speak and how to type words, you're ready for a post that no one will forget except you the next morning. Remember this simple rhyme "Being delirious makes you hilarious".

    5. Throw your computer against a wall

    Admittedly, this does sound like a bad idea but hear me out. When you throw your computer random keys on the keyboard will be pressed when it hits the wall and, if you're lucky, a great story will be told. Here is an example.


    Ignore this item on the list. It doesn't make sense and now I need a new computer.

    6. Do something exciting

    While you are thinking of something to write about you could be actually doing something noteworthy. Be a yes man and explore every opportunity. Do you want to go this party I'm throwing? Yes. Do you want to go paint balling? Yes. Do you want to go to the zoo?...It's okay to say no sometimes.

    7. Tell a joke

    Everyone loves a joke and if you're going to post something here it better be funny.

    What's the deal with stairs? Up, down, pick a direction, am I right?

    Ha. Good one, me.

    8. Make a top 10 list

    Or a top 8 list. It depends on how desperate you are for ideas.

  • Adam Kovic

    1 year ago



    I've gone back and done so many color changes on this piece it's not even funny

  • RPGhaus

    1 year ago



    tbh now I just want them to cosplay this, or a drunk DnD session

  • RPGhaus?

    1 year ago



    The LP live trailer made me want to draw Funhaus as RPG characters. Adam was the easiest one by far, the rest of the group is soon to follow!

  • Game Proposal

    2 years ago


    I was watching James' twitch, and I made a comment regarding that everybody in funhaus would transform into their favorite video game character, and then take on the adventures of that character. One proposal someone said was Master Chief Adam, while I proposed Shenmue James

  • London Comic Con

    2 years ago


    Bit late, but London Comic Con was fantastic - Jack and Adam's panel was hilarious, everyone's costumes were fabulous and I spent far more money on merch than I should've done. It was amazing.

  • Nutella Sandwich

    2 years ago


    I was fortunate to meat these bearded gentlemen! Bring on next year

  • London MCM!

    2 years ago

    Lixxieb Art person

    Gosh! London MCM was so much fun! It's just a shame I could only go for one day. Got my RTX pass signed by Jack and Adam because I forgot to when I was at RTX! They're both so lovely and seemed to like my Mad Queen Ryan cosplay! :D Anyway, here's some photos!




  • 2 years ago


    I want to be Adam Kovic