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    • RT Rocks!

      5 years ago


      Gotta say RT has come a long way in the past few years, and my love for the company as well.
      I only discovered the RTPocast thanks to the live stream, and its been great to see AH grow into what it well deserves to be.

      Watching the live streams has really helped me put faces to voices and I feel much more connected to the people of RoosterTeeth and its community.

      Achievement Hunter has been a constant source of great laughs and awe. Each AH cast and crew brings so much to the table, Gavin is a serious pillar in AH's history I hope people realize this.

      RWBY, RvB Season 11, Immersion, The Gauntlet, Let's Play : Minecraft, RT Shorts, RTAA.
      WHO needs cable TV? Quality entertainment, from passionate people all around.

      I love Rooster Teeth.
      That is all. smiley0.gif

    • RvB Season 9.

      7 years ago


      What can I say I am speechless. This trailer has just hyped me up so much its amazing. The work they're putting into this series is impressive. Montyoum+Rooter Teeth forever!
      This is gonna be good.

      Halo Defiant Map pack, its grand, its beautiful, and its also the best DLC from Halo in a long time. Get it now!

      April Matchmaking updates for Halo Reach. These updates have made reach really interesting, check out the new Action Sack and Team Classic playlists, fun times!

      Well, I'm out. Cheers.

    • Back for an Update?

      8 years ago


      Already 4 years since I've been here. Times have changed, events, people, entertainments have come and gone! Wow.
      I thought I'd update my profile here and just say whats on my mind.

      I just recently finished watching RvB: Revalations for the first time, I must say they've outdone themselves, hiring Montyoum(from whom I very much respect his works) has done this series some great good. Kudos to you Montyoum and to RT for their great efforts.

      Halo has definitely changed in the past years. There are now 8 books, 6 games and 5 comic books and many other art and encyclopedic works . All of which are fabulous works and have expanded the universe with some rich and entertaining flavors. Its been a huge part of my life and will be for years to come.
      I am now playing Halo Reach with as much tenacity as I did with Halo 2. Daily and Weekly challenges makes the experience replayable with no drawbacks!
      A couple years ago I joined "The Spartan I Project" on An amazing group which thrives on helping other players earn those nasty achievements such as Vidmasters and the like. I was proud to have helped Team Punishment with as many as 25 Endure runs on Halo 3 ODST. A great time.

      Things to look forward to, in the entertainment world, I'm loving the movie scene nowadays, no I don't mean the money racking 3-D garbage. <rant> I mean cmon, 3D movies are rarely worth the extra 5 bucks. They put so called 3d scenes in movie, maybe 5-10 of them and the call it 3D. Thats crap, you barely even notice the difference from a Non 3D version! Personally I think 3D crazy is going to die down and dissapear.</rant>.
      I'm talking about the great features such as Marvel's amazing Avengers build up series. Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, The Hulk, The Avengers(Directed by Joss Whedon no doubt). The great films by Christopher Nolan, Batman series. Upcoming stuff like The Adventures of TinTin, by Stephen Speilberg and Peter Jackson to Tranfomers 3 and the like.
      Its gonna be a good 2011!

      I've been reading Manga now for a couple years, specifically from my beloved animes, Naruto One Piece and Bleach. These stories are becoming such great epic tales. One Piece has always struck my heart with great joy, sadness and glory. I love Oda's work the best, Naruto. Kishimoto's work is a close second.

      Anyway I'm off for now. Its good to be back.

      Edit: I just realized its been exactly 4 years and 3 days since I had last posted. Lawl.

    • Part 2 begins.

      12 years ago


      Its sooo close! Naruto : Shipuuden(Hurricane Chronicles), in other words Part 2 begins in less then a day in Japan. And for us the Sub should be out by saturday night. I'm so excited! Finaly new material and none of those dammed fillers!!!!

      Also the manga is progressing quite well now, the last chapter FINALY brings Naruto back to the action! Great stuff.

      Ahh this year is gonna be great for the Halo series and alot more.
      Things to look forward to:
      - Halo 3 Multiplayer Beta - Gotta get myself a copy of Crackdown and a 360 first though..
      - Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (Movie) - IT better be good!
      -Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows<<<<< yes this is the new official title for the seventh and last book in the Harry Potter series set to be released this june.!!! Gonna be AWESOME!!! Even J.K. herself said it was her favorite! Can't wait.
      -Transformers The Movie -- Trailers look phenomenal! I hope it lives up to my expectations.
      -Naruto Part 2 of course
      - Halo 3!!!
      -There's alot more oh that movie "300" looks promising.

      Anyway thats all for today.

    • Playing with my Wii.

      12 years ago


      Well, i've decided to post once more after a long while. Here goes.

      Its been a busy 3 months... My Bday Nov 2nd wasnt anything big but I am 20 years old now! SAW III was agreat success in my book! For those wholike the Saw series you'll like the finaly. (Or is it the end???) No! I'm pretty sure they've formerly announced Saw 4 to be released next year... Hopefully they wont stretch it out too much, its might get dull!

      Enough about the past. Right now i'm in the process of watching Star Trek : DS9. I love it especially this last season (7) TNG had a good season 7 and so far DS9 does as well. You could say I'm a trekkie since I've seen every episode of TNG and almost every episode of DS9 and someday I plan to watch Voyager. Though I never got a round to seeing the original series.

      As for Anime and Manga.. I've watched alot of it in the past months. Especially One Piece the greatest anime/manga ever created! I've watched all 288 episodes and read the rest of the story which is still ongoing in the manga up to chapter 437 so far. It never gets dull! The fight scenes are awesome, the storyline, the charatcers and their relationships are so intense! I love it and recommend it to everyone.
      Naruto: Hurricane Chronicles. What is it? Its the official new name for Naruto Part 2 anime!!! Set to begin in Febuary 2007. This date has been confirmed by many sources not to mention the fact that Part 2 merchandise is being released during the same month. I can't wait to see the fillers come to an end, I've been watching filles with crappy quality animation and sound for the past year and a half. Seeing real quality and animation for Part 2 is gonna be a welcome change. I can't wait!!

      Its been a great start for December. There was a Halo 3 TV Ad that was released Monday Dec 4th. And what a video it was, 60 seconds of pure CGI bliss. The video reveals a few awesome things and yet creates so many new questions! If you didn't know and plan to watch it its purely CGI except for the first part witht he two kids.. amazingly those are real actors! Its a great fix for Halo 3.

      When is Halo 3 going to be released? 2007 of course! and what a year it is going to be!!! Halo 3! Harry Potter Movie 5! Harry Potter Book 7! Super Smash Bros Brawl! and lots more that I forget! Its gonna be an awesome year, at least I hope so.

      Anyway, lets get to the title of this post.
      The Nintendo Wii.
      I own it. I've played it. I beleive in it! This consoles "new-gen" strategy is so perfect, gameplay will never be the same. I love the new controllers, though as expensive as they are, it is the heart of the console. The brain isn't much, but its right arm : The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess makes it worth the while. I finished the game, nearly mastered it and I love it. The best, yet longest Legend of Zelda experience to date!!! Some would disagree. Some would want to kill the ones who disagree. There are mixed opinions of the game, but I think most have enjoyed it and I think its worth the money and the time spent on it. You could say " I'm gonna wait for the game cube version." Well, suit yourself. You're missing out on a more involving and intimate gameplay experience. The Wii remote comes natural to you in less then an hour. Not only for Zelda but for other games like Wii Sports and Call of Duty 3. the other day I picked up my Xbox controller to play Halo 2 and said, wow this feels awkward!! The Wii is truly a revolutionizing console and I will support it all the way!

      Well I think I've said enough. Seeya'll around.

    • I always seem to post on fridays.....

      12 years ago


      Well september already my last post was in may! I know, i'm pathetic. Oh well.

      Lots of great movies and stuff happened over the summer it was a fun time. But most of it was work, still the people there are awesome. I saved up some money for a new car but I always end up spending on food lately and its hurting my savings. Well! Eating heatly is expensive!

      I started watching a few more Animes too, Including One Piece. I wacthed from 1 to 206 so far. I know there already episodes up to like 275 but I started watching with Kaizoku-Fansubs and they have the best video and sub quality you could ask for so I'm sticking with them, they're not too far behind and I can wait. Since Kaizoku-Fansubs releases one episode per week and they're currently subbing a filler arc I finaly decided to start watching Bleach! I'm only up to episode 13 but its only getting better by the episode. I love it.

      Speakign about fillers... Naruto still shows no signs of transition to Part 2. The only sign that Part 2 was coming soon was the announcement after movie 3 that movie 3 was the last installment for Part 1. So by next year Part 2 SHOULD begin. 65 whole episodes of filler....... that almost a year and a half... and I don't think its gonna stop until next srping now.... I've lost hope. But honestly the latest filler arc is suprisingly at high standard for fillers. So its still a fix.

      *****The next paragraph contains spoilers from the latest chapters of the Naruto Manga. You have been warned!*****

      The Naruto Manga is finaly getting more intense with the fights starting between Konoha Ninja and Akastuki members.
      I can't wait to see what Naruto is gonna make of his new jutsu and if he'll be able to surpass Yondaime like Kakashi mentioned! We'll have to wait and see. I'm so glad I started reading the manga!!!!

      *******END of SPOILERS :)*******

      Now on to other things.
      The Fall movie line is pretty solid. Right now I'm planning on seeing "The Covenant" (no its not about Halo....) and in a couple weeks Fearless apparently to be Jet Li's Last Martial Arts film... ever :(. But I already see a replacement for him: Tony Jaa! In the new movie The Protector! which I'd like to see but I'm not sure if it plays around here.... :( Other movies to look foward to are Saw III(I hope they make it good!), Jackass Number Two, The Marine looks badass. Its made by WWE!..
      Wait a minute! There's gonna be a DOA movie!!? Cool! I might go see that! (OCT 20) Oh and the girls look pretty hot! Heh.. Well Thats all for me I might not post again for a long while.. I don't know. Man this is a long post!

      I gotta go download the rest of Out of Mind. G'night!

    • Summer is here!!!

      12 years ago


      Wooh I know, I don't post here often, Sorry.

      Anyway, its Friday the best day of the week and its been awesome weather these past few days it feel like summer already.

      I'm probably gonna be working all summer at my low paying job... its better then nothing. But I gotta get something better, I want my own car dammit!
      I just recently got my license in March, even though I'm 19. I know its late, but I'm lazy. I've seen some people get their license at 50 years old! Now thats just ridiculous.

      I got my hands on FFVII:AC Special 2-Disc DVD. I watched it for the 10th time, the English Dub is good but I prefer the Japanese version. Speaking about DVDs, RvB Season 4 DVd is out, I'm definitly gonna buy it.

      Its May, and there's ALOT of stuff to look forward to this month: E3 is next week!! I can't wait to see HALO 3 in action. Well I HOPE its gonna be there, at least as a trailer.
      Lots of awesome movies coming too, I really wanna see The DaVinci Code, that looks amazing I hope it doesnt dissapoint. Also X-Men 3 : The Last Stand, can't wait for that.

      Nothing much going on other then work for me. I think I'm gonna get into some Martial Arts, get some exercise. Maybe Ninjitsu! :P Speaking of Ninjas, Naruto is still freaking fillers and most people think it aint gonna go back to the main story line until August/September. Thats really depressing, but I've gotten over it and I'm trying to be patient.

      Anyway, thats all I got for this time. Seeya!

    • Naruto Fillers

      12 years ago


      Well, been almost a year. For those of you who watch the Naruto Anime, you would know that its been in "Filler Mode" for almost a year now.
      Fillers are basicly episode that do not follow the Manga's story.
      I've managed to watch all of the fillers up to now and not go crazy. Since the fillers are badly animated, low budget episodes.
      Most ppl are hoping for the best. According to interviews and stuff, Naruto Part 2 should begin in Spring, like now. But no one knows for sure, right now episode 184's title is still unreleased and could be the episode that decides the fate of this anime.

      On another note, I'm wondering how Rooster Teeth did the Season 4 ending scene with the ********(incase of spoiling) falling on Donut. It means they mustve gotten special access to some codes from bungie. We'll just have to wait and see for season 5.

    • Blag!

      13 years ago


      Yup. Work work work... Sooo fun :) Meh, gets me away from the comp I guess. I dunno what to post soo I post this. kk?

    • PANICS

      13 years ago


      Well I watched the first two episodes of PANICS(People Acting Normal in Crazy-Ass Situations) based of the new game FEAR(First Encounter Assault Recon). I have to say, my intesrest in the game itself has grown. Also Rooster Teeth has made quite a good start with it. I'm looking forward to future episodes! :P

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    • AMingDynasty

      5 years ago

      Oh my gosh, I knew someone on here with a Goku avatar and it was awesome but he was lame and changed it. Well yours, sir, is even better!

      • Crucio FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        5 years ago

        Bahaha, thanks.

    • Microbe

      12 years ago


      I was just wondering if I could get your support on Google Idol. I'm the only Canadian contestant in this contest. You can vote once daily if you want. It would help a lot. The competition ends on June 2nd. Pass on the informatio if you like! Canada is gonna win this baby!

      Thanks! smiley0.gif

      P.S. Vote Edaz! smiley8.gif These kids are great too!

    • sabrinahpfan

      12 years ago

      lol i saw your name and i was like "HARRY POTTER!!!" i love the series too! :-)

    • Josiah1

      12 years ago

      Whoa like 2 journals a year? come on.............
      There's gotta be more going on in your life than Naruto and RVB smiley8.gif

    • TheGreekMind

      13 years ago


    • Crucio FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      13 years ago

      Hahaha, at least some people know wtf it is. Or did you research it? Heh.

    • Phorpus

      13 years ago

      One of the unforgivable curses? Causing amazing pain? Known to have driven the Longbottoms to insanity? Nice name, man.

    • Crucio FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      13 years ago

      "Its times like these we learn to live again......."

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