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    • My initial reaction to "Connected"-'s trailer

      1 year ago


      (Character Limit here I come. The TL;DR is I'm salty because of how unrepresentative the documentary is.) I'm not a fan of this specific idea. It reaches no ground millennials hold. As a millennial (I'm 18), when they talk about "getting reconnected with society" all I think is how much you cut yourself off. Blaine and Barbara are the only two people doing this. All their other friends still have their phones and laptops and etc. So you are disconnecting yourself from all these people who use the most current medium to interact, and calling it a connection? The entire world, or even just the world around an individual won't just stop so one person can see what it's like. They cut themselves off from everyone, and call it connecting. If you're trying to connect to people, and you cut your power, it is going to be challenging. No shit, right? So if the idea is to connect to people, why would you essentially create an extra barrier? If they got 30-50 millennials of varying ages, genders, socio-economic backgrounds, and did this, maybe it would make sense, because you get to see the change in how two people who actively used 2016's technology, now interact without 2016's technology interact with each other, or in large groups. But it is two people. So you only see the interaction of someone without technology communicating with someone who does. A problem, mind you, people did NOT have in the 1980's. Everyone had the same level of technology, so they completely understood and SHARED each other's limitations. In this, Barbara and Blaine are put at a disadvantage that DID NOT EXIST in the 1980's. The only barriers that exist outside of technology are barriers we learn to overcome in middle school or high school. Do you speak the same language as me? Are we familiar with each other's cultural differences enough to where we won't drastically change our intended messages to one another? Barbara or Blaine can just say "I don't have access to that resource" and the person they communicate will either help them find a work around, tell them to find their own, or abandon them. These practices are still common now. How many times has tech support over the phone politely said "you're pretty fucked. Figure it out or bail"? So what if the connection isn't to people? So what if the connection is supposed to be to your own mind and higher cognitive abilities? That "what do I do" feeling where a distraction you previously occupied yourself with is now gone, and your brain is trying to find something to do? We experience that everyday. Second, how many millennials could just get a NES and go ham? There are PLENTY of things that are both easy to access and easy to distract yourself with that consume copious amounts of time. Get a two thousand piece puzzle (like they showed in the trailer), go for a walk. People didn't lock themselves in a room and stare at a wall waiting for paint to dry, just do something. Get drunk, do drugs, it's not hard to entertain yourself. And the connection is obviously not to mother nature or out natural world, otherwise they wouldn't coop you up in Austin, Texas. It seems one of the two main difficulties they want to convey here is work. Social Media Representative? Barbara's job literally did not exist in 1988 or 1989 or whenever. So they showed her with a megaphone on the street. That is still a job now, it's is not the ye old form of her current job. Sign spinners? The guys is whacky costumes? Still around. Blaine's job, director? Yeah, that's pretty easy for Blaine. People make stupid avant-garde films with retro/hipster equipment all the time. It seems the other main difficulty comes from challenges the producers give Blaine and Barbara. But if the two are given replacements for their current technology(i.e. a pocket book of phone numbers or address book to replace their contact list in their phones), then it's easy. Given an up date map, and two addresses of which to go to and from? It's like a maze on a kid's restaurant menu. Any situation can become difficult if one is given challenges specifically designed to be difficult in the scenario by other humans. So That is my core argument. This is usually a good time in an educated work to acknowledge my bias, the opposing view, and create a counter argument to that opposing view which makes concessions and refutes or rebuttals such an opposing view. But I will leave that to anyone who REALLY wants to hear more of my gibberish and bullshit. For now, if you bothered to stick around this long, I have a couple closing points to make. First, wow thank you so much someone actually listened. Second, I personally did not like what I interpreted from the trailer. My reaction to how I saw the information presented was critical because let me tell you, I fucking love Rooster Teeth. I love every single thing about this company so much. And I know that they want to make quality works that both the production team is proud to call their own, and that the fans will enjoy and be proud to say they are fans of Rooster Teeth as a result. And I know that they probably won't read this (fuck dude I'm lucky if they read the TL;DR I made) or if they do, won't redo the documentary just because I personally didn't like it. But I also know that Rooster Teeth greatly appreciates and encourages thoughtful and meaningful audience feedback. Unconditional love and Unconditional hate give the company no new information to move forward with. So I wrote this HUGE fucking comment which I will post as a journal entry also, in order to express how this specific idea resonated with me, a long term fan and young audience member. Um..be a sponsor. I like it and it is fun. Also, got to RTX. OK I'm done.

    • Why I am a Rooster Teeth fan @RTContests

      2 years ago


      I sometimes ask myself this question. Then I think back to RTX, where I really met the Rooster Teeth community and staff for the first time. I think of all the five second conversations I had with people in line, passerby's cosplaying, and the dedicated fans who didn't mind missing fourth of July for RTX. I think back to, at RTX 2013 when all six achievement hunters were lined up in a row, having just extended the cap so everyone in line could get to see them, when the guy I had been talking to in front of me's phone had died, and he couldn't get photos, I let him use my phone and emailed him the pictures. The thirty second conversation I had with Burnie at RTX 2012 trying to prolong the interaction by complementing his sunglasses, to RTX 2014 when Meg waved to me and I thought she was going for a high five. Back to RTX 2012 where the podcast crew made fun of my dad for being uninterested in the live podcast. The staff probably doesn't remember these, but they care more than the fanbase knows. That's why I am a Rooster Teeth fan, because the community and the company have a mutual love and appreciation for each other that no other group of individuals has else has. I don't want to win that bad, but I really want to say thank you. @RTContests

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    I've been a RT fan longer than I've had an account. Red vs. Blue is my favorite RT series, but the podcasts are a close second. I spend most of my free time here, the RT site or on Youtube. I don't have a particular thirst for achievements or %100 games, but I do enjoy going after specific challenges game by game. I have attended all of the RTX's except the first, and they are fucking awesome. I am a sponsor and I do the original sponsor thing that came before all the one month or 3 month stuff. I enjoy all the RT content I can get my hands on, but some of it I am too lazy/dumb to access.

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