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    • One of the best things about D&D...

      2 days ago

      EricHVela Don't be a divider.

      ... is that you never need to upgrade your computer or console to play it.

    • What does it mean?

      3 days ago

      EricHVela Don't be a divider.

      So EA lost a prominent, public figure and are planning to reorganize, including pulling people from directing Frostbite to "fill in gaps" in the primary studios. Reorganization in EA has a bad reputation of closures and lost jobs.

      I understand that Frostbite can be a pain to use in development. If EA is planning to have a unified UX, they should consider putting some more love into Frostbite before moving forward. A smooth road is an easier ride.

      Then again, a lot of things that EA does is not all that helpful to its developers or often its customers.

      Is the world still watching EA after its debacles or has the world moved on to other things only to watch EA repeat the same mistakes over and over again?

      We shall see if this departure and reorganization hits hard or causes only a minor ripple in the rather volatile company.

    • Getting dimmer...

      3 days ago

      EricHVela Don't be a divider.

      Is it just me or do all Telltale Games games [sic] (TTGs) go darker in mood as each episode continues?

      For TTGs, I played The Walking Dead (season 1), A Game of Thrones, The Wolf Among Us (1), Tales from the Borderlands, and Minecraft: Story Mode (s1). I'm currently in the last episode of Tales from Monkey Island (which is a linear game - no branching).

      In all of those, things got more serious as the stories moved forward. (I have not played the Sam & Max games, though.) TfMI started really goofy and care-free. Now in the last episode, the main character's facing people who died because of his actions - mostly unintentionally (and, at the time, humorously but seems far less funny now).

      TWD(s1) started dark and kept getting darker. Same with GoT and TWAU(1). TftB and MSM seem to follow TfMI's pattern of starting off mostly humorous but losing a lot of that humo(u)r in the last episodes.

      (The Odd Gentlemen's King's Quest was the same. It started off happy but went dark and even ended very, very sad. Sierra originally had TTG working on it before taking it back for unknown reasons and handing it over to TOG. So, the TTG pattern remains in my opinion.)

      So, is this what I could expect from the TTG version of Sam & Max? Starting absolutely bonkers but ending with dark moral hind-sight dilemmas?

      EDIT: Yup. Season 1 of Sam and Max is starting to take some dark turns towards its end. I guess this really is the Telltale telltale [sic] standard method.

    • Он – дракон (a better love story than...)

      5 days ago

      EricHVela Don't be a divider.

      The pacing of the movie is excruciatingly slow.

      ...but the pacing is more appropriate to the story of two people struggling against what terrifies them most about themselves and each other compared to Disney's Beauty and the Beast.

      If you like the idea of dragons and the story of Beauty and the Beast and have an attention span longer than what Disney gives us credit for having, this could be the movie for you. "I am Dragon" (2015) [English title, better than the Russian title of "He's a Dragon"]

      (Mind you, the movie is in Russian.)

    • How it looks, how it sees...

      2 weeks ago

      EricHVela Don't be a divider.


      I don't know if it was caused by a glitch in Mass Effect 1 & 2 (can't quite remember 3), but the Krogan often looked at things with one eye, especially up close. This makes sense given the configuration of their eyes on the sides of their heads, causing underdeveloped binocular vision (meaning using both eyes to see one view). I know that this was not in Mass Effect: Andromeda, though, and it bugged me that they always looked at everything straight-on.

      If it was intentional in ME1/2(/3), then the mistake was made in ME:A either by oversight or lack of development resources.


      Don't discount discount actors.

      For full disclosure, I don't like "romcoms" (romantic comedy shows). They always end up like Three's Company (which is probably before the times of a lot of people here).

      History Lesson: Nearly every Three's Company episode was some scheme that either started because of a miscommunication or caused a miscommunication or both with the scheme typically having a different result than intended - all with a high predictability. The movie, Set It Up, is no different.

      That said, the main actors are two people who have a slight resemblance to Emma Thompson and Ryan Reynolds. Their acting also had the same resemblance, almost as if the casting and direction wanted those to actors specifically but ended up going the "discount" route - using actors that resemble the intended cast for cheap.

      That said again, I don't think Emma Thompson and Ryan Reynolds would have been the best pick over the two that starred in the movie. Being not Emma Thompson and Ryan Reynolds was a good thing, keeping only the qualities that fit the scenario without the total familiarity and adding a bit of an appropriate newcomer feeling.

      To summarize, the lesser known "discount" Zoey Deutch and Glen Powell were better picks than Emma Thompson and Ryan Reynolds.

      (To be fair, this is only an assumption that Thompson and Reynolds were intended, but I get a very strong feeling that they were. To be fair again, I still think romcoms are stupid regardless.)

    • "Motherese"

      3 weeks ago

      EricHVela Don't be a divider.

      Who all loses 90% of the remaining IQ points that you have when talking to pets?


      *raises hand*  hand

    • Mixing Dark Chocolate with Cinnamon...

      3 weeks ago

      EricHVela Don't be a divider.

      I learned that Ellen Rose from Eurogamer's O|X watches RT's On The Spot.

      Now more than ever, I want to see some kind of collab between O|X and AH. H&H guest? OXventure guest? Let's Play Across the Pond guests? On the Spot guests?

      Come on, Rooster Teeth. Make a deal with Eurogamer to make this happen! I may not be at RTXL for a few years more (and it's on my wishlist), but that's a perfect opportunity.

      I know Eurogamer is kind of a competitor to The Know (which I love) and AH (which I love), but I love dark chocolate and cinnamon and they're great together. (Come on, Mars, Inc. Make those M&Ms!)

      On the RT broadcast so many years ago, it was mentioned how collabs are essential for online content creators.

    • Idle Hands

      4 weeks ago

      EricHVela Don't be a divider.

      When you can't sleep at the times when you should sleep, do you turn to books or games or hobbies or just lay there wide awake?

      What kinds of books or games or hobbies?

      (Not asking for a friend.)

    • I survived this morning.

      1 month ago

      EricHVela Don't be a divider.

      Flawless start of sales, even with all the changes this year.


      Little victories.  8 more starting days to go through the 26th.

    • Risky Business Moments...

      1 month ago

      EricHVela Don't be a divider.

      If you arrive at work before anyone else, do you do anything that you wouldn't do when anyone else was here? (Not asking for a friend.)


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