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from Bognor, UK

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    • Last Day at work done !!

      1 year ago


       raised_handsJust need to do a little celebration raised_hands

      I haven't taken any holiday yet this year and i've just finished my last day of work for a week!

      off to see Beauty and the beast tomorrow night yay!!

      And then on monday i'm off to Disneyland Paris with the family   grin (yes i really am a big kid ! raised_hands)

      and to finish off the week nicely i managed to get RTX london tickets for the whole weekend, i'm treating my brother as he's the one that got me started on Rooster teeth which then led to my obsession of rooster teeth. 

      We have a hotel booked and cannot wait to meet the people of rooster teeth plus all of the lovely community members too, you guys are all awesome ! 

    • Meet Burnie the new guy :)

      1 year ago


      Hi Guys, 

      So im a veterinary nurse with a main interest in rabbits, i've just taken on a new rabbit, which i adopted from a shelter, thought it would appropriate to post on here as we've decided to call him "Burnie", he's fitting in really well with my other guys at the moment, Here he is :  



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