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    • RWBY on the Radio

      1 year ago


      Hey everyone! At my college in York Pennsylvania, I have a radio show where I talk about and review anything in the media that's interesting. For example, one week I talked about what makes horror movies good for the audience. Today from 2-3 est. I'll be talking about RWBY so that I can interest people in my area that have never heard of it. Anyone can listen to the show at the link I'll post below. I'd love to have people on to talk about their experience with RWBY. If your interested, I can lend you the number to the station so that you can call during the show. This show is going to be great, and it would be better with people with the same love for this show. Until than, later!


    • Trying Something New

      3 years ago


      Though I've had an account here since 2012, I have never really done anything with it. Starting this year, I'd like to be become more active not only here, but in other places as well. So I'd thought the first step would be making a journal entry..let's see how this turns out.

      Like a lot of people on the site, I was brought here due to my interest in Red Vs. Blue. The fact that anyone could make videos in a video game, as long as they had the proper equipment, was astonishing to me. As I looked at more and more machinimas like Rise of the Spartans, Arby and the Chief, and Robot Chicken Halo Edition, my interest in this area of art kept growing and growing. At one point I found out that I could help one of these groups produce machinimas by participating in body acting sessions in Halo Reach. Sadly I could only help out a little due to the group closing communications from their actors. However, during this process I had made three friends where we spend our freetime thinking of machinima ideas and producing them for people to enjoy. My point of all this was to show that Roosterteeth truly is an inspiration for people and that I can't thank them enough for helping me find three of my closest friends.

    • 2018 years ago

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    Hey everybody! My names Ty and it's great to meet you all! Not much to know about me, I'm going to college, I love to build and create, and I love working with my friends to create machinimas using the Halo engine. Thanks for reading and have a good day.

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