This was something I posted in the comments section of Team STRQ’s wiki page a few days back. And I  figured I post it here as well because, well, why not? Now, to cut to the chase here, it seems like Team STRQ has some allusions to Game of Thrones....maybe.

STRQ = House Stark.

Qrow = The Night's Watch: an ancient order now filled with scoundrels who're suppose to protect the world from a great evil. coincidently, they're sometimes called "crows".  

Raven = The Free Folk: a tribal society who're... at odds with the Night's Watch, and were led by a person who was once a "crow" himself. (The Three-Eyed Raven could also work). 

Taiyang = House Targaryen: A powerful house that comands dragons. They also have a habit of marrying more than one person... (they got a history of incest too but that's beside the point.) 

Summer = House Stark, specifically a certain Stark: Lyanna (who I will point out is dead during the events of GOT). She has a symbolic connection to a certain flower which happens to be a rose. But it's ironic in this case because this type of rose is called the "winter rose".  

Now of course this could all be a funny coincidence. But I will point out one last thing: Monty was a BIG fan of Game of Thrones.

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