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      2 weeks ago


      finally after so many tries it is finally fixed

      and I'm finally signed back on to Xbox Live as OmegaTex2014

      but I'm still going to make sure what caused it doesn't happen again

      this is more great than me finding out today that Prince Charles is my 12th cousin

      of course when I read that he was related to the same Vlad who is kind of my distant half cousin

      as Vlad has the same paternal ancestor but we both have two different maternal ancestors 

      and  finding out about Prince Charles being related to him too

      well it could of been a rumor and I wanted to see for sure

      so I asked my mother to look up on the family tree thing to see if he was family or not

      and I thought he wasn't going to be 

      but turns out that he is family 

      and that isn't all I found out

      and has to do with Prince Charles and his wife Diana

      if they are no longer married I can understand why

      cause that is like awkward in so many levels 

      but yeah if I had to pick which is more exciting

      me being able to sign in to my Xbox Live name OmegaTex2014

      or finding out Prince Charles is my cousin...........heck it's no contest

      I'm going with being able to sign back on to Xbox Live being the best thing ever of all infinity time  caboose heart_eyes

      guess it is true that Prince Charles is related to the same man 

      who inspired the books of Dracula.

      anyway just wanted to give the good news 

      and I was going to work on some other stuff that has to do with fan fic 

      but I think I will do that after I play Overlord 2. 

    • Might of Figured Out Why I couldn't Sign in​

      2 weeks ago


      okay I'm not 100% sure but after being told by my mother

      that a little cousin was messing with the Xbox 360 and was trying to 'sign in'

      I think I might know why it was being all stupid but then again it might be just stupid in a different reason and it wasn't 100% their fault but regardless 

      I'm still gonna wait for a few days to try again

      because I do not want to get too mad and annoyed with each try I do when trying to sign on to my OmegaTex2014, sorry got really mad in that last post 

      and saying that I wasn't in the mood for that fart sneeze might of been a little much

      guess that word is a little funny but still I hope everyone can understand the reason why I was upset and guess can't be too mad at the little kid but I'm gonna make sure the game controller for Xbox 360 is hidden so it doesn't happen again just in case it really was what they did that caused it in the first place. 

      all so is it weird to listen to the song 'F' you by Lily Allen over and over?

      first time I heard it today and can't help but be drawn to it 

      and I know it's name isn't 'F' it has the word that rhymes with  tuckerTucker's name

      well at least I'm feeling a whole lot better than what went on hours ago today with finding out I couldn't get on Xbox360 live. 

      just got to ride it out and hope for the best 

      and just play it with just the none live avatars 

      and if it still does it I can try to reset the whole Xbox360 maybe. 

      well back to watching RWBY Chibi 

      and seriously I really hope they make Grimm plushies 

      because I want one to hug that is just like those RWBY Chibi Grimm 

      they are so freaking adorable  heart_eyes

      and I would love to have a plushy of one of them 

      so yes I think we figured out the cause of the problem with the Xbox 360 but can't be 100% sure

      so will wait and see 

      PS this will be my last Public post for a while so see ya later.  wave

    • I'm So Peeved Right Now At Microsoft for Xbox 360

      2 weeks ago


      okay I wake up then had to go to the bathroom but who doesn't have to do that as soon as they wake up? okay maybe a few 

      and then some time after that, I wanted to go play my Overlord game of course I could just played it another way but I wanted to play it signed in to my OmegaTex2014

      but wouldn't you know it wouldn't let me in my OmegaTex2014 

      oh no, and when each time I tried about either three or four bloody times to change the password and code it still wouldn't let me in! 

      please tell me I'm not the only one who is going through this and if I am the only one

      then Microsoft needs to not do this to me 

      because I'm not in the bloody mood for this fart sneeze 

      I had changed the password and even wrote the code they sent me 

      but they wouldn't let me get in and my patience is growing thin with them

      if there is a problem that they are trying to fix that has to do with Xbox 360 

      then fine and I will wait to try again but so help me if it keeps making me not able to sign in

      I'm going to be really mad 

      I don't like my bad side getting out which is me becoming really REALLY mad, 

      and believe me those people who run the Microsoft/Xbox360

      have only let out only a little of that bad side

      and if they keep up they are going to get the whole thing.........and if that happens I might need to go lie down and try to relax and keep away from everyone because I'm most likely to yell and I really think I should not be around anyone in my home if that happens.

      I will try to calm myself and put on my Amethyst necklace and watch RWBY Chibi 

      maybe if I try to take my mind off of the stupidity I went through and me not being able to get on Xbox 360 with my OmegaTex2014 name right now maybe I can try again 

      either later today or in a few days. 

      by the way if anyone else besides me is going through the same problem 

      please tell me but if I really am the only one then guess it is my own problem and I need to keep trying no matter how much it might make me feel annoyed and angry when it fails.

      well I'm going to go watch RWBY Chibi but not before I take care of a few things first

      and grab a few strawberry fruit bars. 


    • I Can't Help That I Never Checked The ​Promotions Part of The GMail Until This Year And Day

      6 months ago


      so yeah I'm doing some much needed cleaning of my Gmail today

      and then got a little curious and so like decided to check out this 'promotion' thing cause never even open it like EVER...............and I mean NEVER

      and RT has been sending me a few things since well the first year I became a member in 2014 

      and even goes up to 2015 too and well anyway sorry wasn't smart enough to check out that

      half the time I'm either busy writing fan fic, or playing video games or watching movies or cartoons or doing Aunt Sally knows what.

      don't really have a Aunt Sally, just don't want to say Uncle Sam call me weird that way.

      and better being weird then half the time when I'm being all sad and what not

      and well the whole RT sending wasn't the only thing in it, there was other stuff from other places and people too.

      though feel a little insulted about the whole father's day thing.............don't have a dad, but even if it was send to me it's fine no harm done.

      couldn't of known that my dad left when my mom still had the bun in the oven LOL  laughing

      did meet my dad one time, but that was the last I saw him and now he's well no longer with us if you get my meaning. 

      my mom had to be both the mom and the dad and she is the best mom-dad ever of all time

      again sorry for not checking all that out, never thought about clicking that and seeing what could be inside it.

      by the way does becoming a sponsor cost money? cause if it does I'm afraid I can't become one 

      now that is out of the way, I'm going to get something to eat I'm still trying to eat more cause of the whole haven't been eating as much lately but think I'm doing better 

      wonder what the easy cheese would taste like with a banana

      maybe can try it another time, when have more easy cheese.

      and once more sorry about being such a dummy for never checking that out since 2014. 

      man I'm such a Grif  laughing

    • I'm Not Eating Pizza Again..........Until Next Month or So.

      11 months ago


      okay we got pizza, and well after I ate my first two pieces of pizza and then got two more

      and after I finished one and was eating the other one that is like the fourth

      guess what I found that I'm so glad I saw on time before I took another bite.

      a hair! 

      a small black looking hair, mom says it might be from when my cat was on me 

      and that her hair fell from me, and to my pizza

      but I know that isn't my cat's hair it can't be she has a dark gray light color kind of thing of hair

      and her hair isn't like that!

      plus if it was really her hair, then it would gave off that whole cat hair thing

      believe me when I find some cat hair that is her own I know

      and that was not cat hair!

      gross gross just really gross!

      I may like to snack and eat food but not as much as I had before which is good and I did loose a lot of weight from a few years back

      but still even I wouldn't eat a piece of food that has drop on the floor or has anything dirty on it

      or that has hair on it!

      that is just ew! 

      nope ain't touching that, no thank you!

      again I'm not going to eat anymore pizza for now after finding that hair that was small and black color on my pizza.

      lucky the ranch dressing that I placed on to the pizza didn't cover it up, of course I was still eating the pizza until I stop and saw the hair and it is like made me lose my apatite 

      yes I put ranch dressing on my pizza, it is weird yes but I like it.

      and even though I haven't had it in a while, I like hot sauce on my eggs. 

      has anyone else found something gross on the food they eat?

      and the 5 second rule is a myth!


    • Left a Weird Comment on RvB Supply Drop Yesterday and Changed it Today

      1 year ago


      okay I had this comment on well youtube,

      that was on the video Red vs Blue 360: Supply Drop that was posted up last year of last month

      and I didn't see it until this month and well

      from what it said I had posted the comment 1 day ago, and well anyway here it is

      what I wrote:

      will the next one be of us waking up to Doc taking care of us and Sarge? also I can't sleep in Grif's room, cause well that would make us roommates and well that ain't happening..........as a girl I should get a different room, I'm not sharing no room with no guy unless there is a ring on this finger and plus it would

      make me uncomfortable and I think me/everyone else who was watching and in it, was crushed with Sarge. if I'm going to be on red team I have a few rules, rule number 1 don't touch my stuff, 

      number 2 don't bother me when I'm playing video games or reading comics or writing some fan fiction, number 3

      keep Grif away from my food. no touchy my foody. number 4 don't come into my room without knocking first, number 5 Sarge will get a slap to the face if he takes my food or music I'm listening to or video game away from me. he will get a slap. okay then ready to be a part of red team now!

      and somebody call Doc!! XD

      but I decided to take it down, I started to watch the video again 

      and well some might not even like 

      my comment and might find it too weird, so I took it down.

      and replaced it with something else.

      that is just small.

      and less, well me.........

      I did say I'm on red team on it.

      I thought that well maybe it would be for the best that I take the comment off and replace it with something less well all that.

      I'm still not sure about showing the Team of RT, that little fan opening song I wrote 

      I was talking to one of my friends on here about it before if I should show them and well I'm not sure I'm ready and well maybe someday but not today or even this way.

      I think it might need a little more work, but I think I will leave it as it is for now.

      it goes like this

      red like blood 

      and blue like the sea 

      this fight is between you and me

      the more things change, the more they stay the same

      with red and blue team

      gonna keep fighting until it's just me vs you,

      red team brings the fire and drop it like it's hot 

      going to feel the burn until it turns to ash and blows away by the wind,

      blue team makes the room go colder 

      that it will send you back to the ice age baby 

      beat a mad man who tried to start a war on another world

      until the two sides got wise and found out the truth 

      with a little help by the blood gulch crew 

      had to say one last good bye to Epsilon it seems

      but he left his memories behind

      that makes him live on

      even after he is gone

      roses are red and violets are blue

      so is the blood and tears of missing you

      let's take them dirt bags down with style by making them red and blue all over.

      maybe I can try to do a little better next time.

      anyway I think it is for the best that I deleted that comment off of there, but not before copying it and showing it here.

      anyway I'm going to watch Steven Universe, right after I finish watching this other show I'm watching.

      I think tomorrow I will watch the new episode of RWBY.

    • The Bing Bang Boom Song (Edited and Longer Version)

      1 year ago


      I'm only having this go Public because well of a friend thinks well if the RT Team saw this they might like it, and I'm not sure if they will even see this and I'm not sure if I can send them a message, I guess I'm a little nervous doing so.

      I all so edited and made this a little longer, then the short version that my friend saw before.

      and it's fine it isn't liked, anyway here it is.

      oh please baby boy, your all talk and no action

      you may talk a big game, but your not so big if you know what I mean

      cause you must be compensating if you think you got what it takes.

      when really honey you really you don't,

      if I worked it like this and that

      with a little sway to my walk as I walk past

      and if I make you come closer and whisper sweetly in your ear

      will it cause your body to overheat?

      (bing bang boom!)

      or if I move my fingers ever so slowly up your chest and to your lips will it send you in chills and

      cause you to fall to your knees.

      a woman can be just as dangerous a flirt as a man, something you clearly didn't learn

      from your mama when she tried to warn ya of girls like that

      so keep saying 'Bow Chicka Bow Wow' all you want

      because your all bark and no bite

      I can take you to places you never been before

      make your heart go crazy and wanting more

      I could make you go mad with just a kiss if that is your wish

      baby I'll make you see fireworks when they day is done,

      and teach you a lesson about playing those games,

      show you that a lady can play just as dirty too


      it's a bing bang boom right up here in the room tonight

      as I drop the beat of this song down on ya 

      cause I have what your looking for

      because to the T. to the U. to the C. K. E. R.

      (bing bang boom!)

      got nothing on me, as I bring the honey with the bees 

      cause the love that I'm about to bring on you is about to sting really badly baby,

      you should of known better than to play with fire 

      because baby I'm the flame and your the fly

      (bing bang boom!)

      and I'm gonna make you crash and burn like no one else

      with everyone knowing that the Bow Chicka Bow Wow Master just got owned by a girl

      you know that's got to hurt like a heartbreak from a summer loving that ended badly 


      your playing a dangerous game that you don't understand

      and if you keep playing, someone is gonna play back 

      and teach you not to mess with love

      cause Tucker baby, you just got schooled in the bing bang boom payback of love.

      I'm gonna crack the whip and take you to school,

      show you that I'm no man's fool

      you play hard, I play harder

      gonna make you scream until you can't shout any louder

      cause baby I'm bringing the pain, and you know it's gonna hurt a lot like a bitch slap right in the face after you stood her up

      for a date because you were seeing her sister

      and once I'm through and done with you, your gonna wish you were a little bit sweeter

      instead of bitter

      you shouldn't played with love

      now your messing with the storm and the true master flirt

      cause sugar blue daddy, you got nothing on me

      now if you excuse me I gotta end this song with a bing bang boom by blowing up this room!

      *explosion sound*

      and that is well, it and I wouldn't normally use the 'b' word..........but it seem like a must for this song.

      I'm still not sure if this is going to be liked by everyone

      anyway I'm going to just go back to having a little me time which is me watching or listening to something and or taking a nap and well in a few hours I will go back to watching more of the Death Battles.

      anyway see ya later, and sorry if this song that I wrote might not be all that great

      but at least I tried.

    • Weird Coincidence That I Talked About Before Surprisingly Became Episode

      1 year ago


      okay I really really have to say this because it has been on my mind 

      even if it is just a coincidence,

      okay like you know how there was the Red vs Blue episode where red team was like gender swapped and I don't know why but for me when Sarge, Female Sarge or Sargette 

      was speaking to Church, it sound like she was saying 'breeding you' before she knocked him out

      but that isn't what I wanted to talk about, and I guess I'm just mishearing what she was saying that one scene.

      anyway before that episode came on I had left a comment before about a world where the reds and blues were female and boom some time later they make it! 

      even if it was only the red team and then at the end well you know who, that became female

      I think the Female version of Church was split off and is still in the Epsilon unit with the other female of Red Team in perhaps a pocket dimension that can only be open if the male versions leave, the gender bend versions must still be in there I think......and in that pocket dimension, or like A.I. pocket dimension.

      but anyway besides that 

      I all so talked about Yang getting a arm and then some time later or so they make her a arm!

      I'm sure it is just a funny and interesting coincidence,

      all so another one was that name Oscar that was used 

      like when had showed that whole fan episode idea on my journal on here, which guess it kind of is like a fan fiction but still.

      the character who I named Labella Bride 

      who was on a mission with Siris to get a alien body that is in a deep sleep inside a cryogenic pod as well as another body after that, 

      the same type of alien that got Tucker pregnant,

      and well I wrote a little joke in the end of it

      which well here is half of it.

      "wow, is that a sleeping alien? and it's wearing all black, kind of cool if you think about it.......it's not gonna wake up and kill us is it?"

      "no, it looks like it is in a deep sleep in this cryogenic pod."

      "why would he want one of those Sanghe-"Bride asks but is cut off before she can say the full name of the race that the said alien belongs to.

      "we don't ask why, we just get the job done and the next job after this is picking up a dead body for him.......he's going to try to transfer the mind from the dead body to the alien, in a way he is going to try to bring a old friend of mine back to life."

      "wow, anyone I know?"

      "no and if he does come back to life because of that plan of Hargrove's works.........I want you to stay as far away from the guy, he's to dangerous for you to be around or talk to him."

      "well if the soon to be former human to alien is that bad, I will take your word for it........so what's his name the guy we are playing frankenstein with?"Bride said

      "his name.............is Felix."

      "well since he is getting a new body, can we call him Oscar?"

      "very funny Bride. but not the time."

      she made a Felix and Oscar joke, 

      and then in the episode of RWBY, 

      they show that the boy's name is Oscar, I find it to be a very interesting coincidence

      oh and did you know if you take RWBY

      and 'cut off' half the 'W' and make it a 'V' and then take out the 'Y'

      it comes out RVB, freaky yes but kind of cool.

      what's next is it going to turn out that Raven had another kid 

      who wears a blue hood and has red eyes and is the Monsoon Maiden? well okay that might not happen because

      well I did do a drawing of that type of character 

      as a fan character

      who is named Sapphire Grimmshaw and has black and white hair 

      well the 'white' is more like a very off white blue

      and I wrote that her semblance is more than one

      she has flight, cloaking and shape shifting

      and her weapon is called Quarter Thorn

      and I wrote that her father's name Mankato Grimmshaw

      and I wrote that in in her small bio, that her age in Volume 1 was 13

       and she is now 14 in Volume 14

      and her height is 5'1"

      I made her to be a type of well you could say a yin and yang to Ruby

      Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall and the Lost Maiden Monsoon

      Monsoon is a season even if it isn't as important as the other four that are more loved 

      I'm thinking now that I will try to draw the first Monsoon Maiden 

      maybe I will all so show and post the fan character Sapphire Grimmshaw on here to show what she looked likes but I will need to edit the drawing to say that she has been posted on the place where I had posted her at and over here.

      so no one will misunderstand, I have been doing that with some of my drawings that I put up over at well deviantart and then decide to put on here as well.

      I believe that The Monsoon Maiden, is the youngest and most destructive of the five sisters

      who could of been really jealous of the four older sisters and hated them 

      I think that would make a interesting fan fiction, 

      when I can I could try to write a short story about her

      but first I want to draw her first,

      anyway I really just wanted to talk about those coincidences

      even it is like kind of one of those mind blown freak out type of coincidences that is still cool at the same time.

      oh maybe I could start off with the short story like this

      "long ago there were four sisters who were known as the four maidens......who had powers of that of the seasons...........but what no one knew was there was a fifth season and fifth maiden who hated her older sisters and all man kind, she made a promise that she would show them she was the better maiden and will no longer be forgotten............even if it means destroying everything her sisters and those they helped..........."

      the monsoon maiden is coming, she be the most destructive one and she and her power will be reborn in the form of the blue hooded one with eyes of red

      okay maybe the idea needs a little more work

      by the way I'm having this thought, even if it is well just a fan idea that could be used in fan art and stories.

      like what if there were beings called the 'angelic' or some other name

      is a type of being that is much like the humans and faunus

      and they could have wings on their back and they live in hiding from the two

      and the ears are like elf ears maybe

      by the way if there is faunus that has well mammal type ears and tails

      will there be lizard type and bird type? 

      I guess there might be,

      sorry if I'm talking too much and well off topic about the well the coincidences that I notice 

      and well I'm sure it is nothing to worry about and it still interesting.

      oh and I have this red vs blue fan fic that I'm working on 

      and well the next chapter is still being worked on and I haven't posted up yet

      but I gave names to the two

      pink wearing volleyball girl, who I named Anona Filbert

      and in the new chapter I'm still working on I had named the Rebel Medic after Elizabeth Blackwell the first woman to have graduated from medical school

      only with a little difference to the Rebel Medic's name who had to put up with those two feds who had that whole 'lap' problem,

      I named her Elizaveta Blackwell in the chapter I'm working on that is a story about Beth known as Tex who was suppose to be Agent Texas 

      but was replaced by the AI, even if she doesn't know it was a AI that replaced her,

      and it was use to imprint most of her memories and make the said AI believe her to be human and forget she is a AI.

      the story was inspired by that song a girl named tex.

      so yes I'm calling Simmons's Lieutenant Anona Filbert 

      and the poor Rebel Medic who had to put up with those two feds, 

      Elizaveta Blackwell.

      I think those two feds should be called

      Floyd and Larry

      you know after Lloyd and Harry of Dumb and Dumber

      but with the two from Red vs Blue the names can be like a little different and changed

      so  Floyd and Larry works, oh I'm so going to use that in that story that was inspired by that song about Tex and well it is a interesting idea 

      like the one who got hurt in the lap, which is nice way of saying well something else.....
      can be either Larry or Floyd.

      and they could be brothers and their last names could be Dumbers

      Larry Dumbers and Floyd Dumbers,

      The Dumbers Brothers, I'm going to work that in into my fan fic and on to the chapter I'm still working on.

      anyway that is all I have to say and I hope you don't mind me talking about the coincidences 

      and about the name ideas for those characters from Red vs Blue that don't have names right now but I named them in my fan fic that I'm writing

      and well I do think those names fit,

      Floyd Dumbers, Larry Dumbers, Anona Filbert and Elizaveta Blackwell

      and I hope you don't mind those names even if the names might be different in the show.

      anyway have you guys ever had talked about something in a comment and by some coincidence it ends up in a episode of RWBY or Red vs Blue some time later like a few weeks or month later?

      if so please tell me, anyway later.

    • Sarge Was The Drunk Hobo!!

      1 year ago


      does anyone else think that the drunk hobo Locus, Felix and Siris had almost hit before a

      episode back, was Sarge? cause after watching that episode again it just hit me that it could be Sarge.

      after thinking about it, 

      it would make sense that Sarge was the one those three almost hit when they were driving 

      and you don't see the guy's face, just him holding a bottle and being well drunk.

      Sarge, was a lazy, drunk and a hobo down on his luck and perhaps even kicked out of the house by his own wife.


      well that is what I believe, I'm not 100% sure but I like to believe it's true.

      maybe like the reason why he hates Grif so much is because he sees a little of himself in him.

    • Full And Edited RvsB Fan Episode Roll Call Bride

      1 year ago


      this is all part 3 of the red vs blue fan episode I wrote called roll call bride,

      so I had put each of the three parts together and did some editing in some parts.
      and this might not be well very good, but at least one of my friend's like it

      and well I decided to let everyone on here see it, so yeah I'm letting public see it

      even if I'm a little unsure about it, anyway here it is.

      "and what is our mission men?!"a man in white armor with red trim asks

      "to kill all Reds And Blues!"all the men who are lined up yelled

      "that's right!! now then roll call! Turner!"the man in white armor with red trim aka white team's drill sergeant said




      "Jack and Jim!"


      "here sir!"

       "Bride!" no response

      the drill sergeant let's out a impatient groan escape

      "young lady don't make me repeat myself, do I have to use your full name to get you to answer me? BRIDE!"

      just then a female figure in white armor with blue trim comes over to the group of men

      "yeah what you want, can't the lot of you see I'm kind of busy?"

      "busy doing what? doing your makeup?"Bravo jokes

      "please, I don't wear makeup.......I was busy trying to do something very important that isn't any of you all's gosh darn business!" what she was doing was doing nothing but sleep because she wants to act like she isn't here and hope it is all just a bad dream.

      "it is my business when one of my men, uh........excuse me, team is up to something behind my back so what is it missy? what are you up to?"drill sergeant asks

      "like I said before, it ain't none of your business so back off and leave me alone!"

      Bride then leaves the room and goes back to doing what she was doing before her idiot of a drill sergeant called her name,

      she really hated roll calls and she hated being here, there was some kind of mistake right?

      "man this has got to be some kind of mistake, I should be back home watching anime and thinking about life...........like why I was never asked to the prom? sure I broke a guy's nose because he got too fresh but he had it coming if he thought I was that kind of girl! and yeah I was voted most to never get a boyfriend or get married and I really don't mind that, but this..........this is crazy! I told them I didn't want to go and I was even kicking and screaming as they dragged me out of my house, worst day of my life and they made me miss my favorite show! and now I'm stuck on a team full of crazy men who keep on talking about how the other team is  evil or they start talking away about stuff that I don't understand or don't want to know.........."

      just then she hears sounds of gun fire

      "what the? what's going on back there? you guys better not be using those guns inside the base or so help me I will drop kick you!"

      Bride says as she goes back into the room and what she saw was the dead bodies of her team

      and the only two that were standing still alive were two guys she never seen before.

      "Miss Bride, our boss would like to speak with you...........and don't try to run or will be force to kill you...........and we really don't want to make our boss mad..........well not now anyway."  

      *time skip*

      in a warthog were the two men and Bride

      "so your name is Bride huh? what's your last name?"one of them asks

      "for your info, Bride is my last name my first name is none of your business."

      "touchy."the same one says

      "so what does your boss want with me anyway?"

      "didn't say, he just said he needs you......."

      "uh-huh that tells a girl a lot about a guy, not like he is one of those creepy stalker guys.............he isn't one of those creepy stalker guys right?"

      "no he is not."the other one said

      "I don't know, I mean he could be a stalker."

      "shut up, you want to give a bad impression to her about the reasons why he called for her?"

      "hey man it ain't my fault if it is what it seems, that guy is old and creepy!"

      "you should be glad that Hargrove isn't here to hear you call him that."

      "so the man I'm suppose to meet is old, creepy and he is called Hargrove...........gee makes me wish I stayed home, oh wait that's right I wasn't back home
      I was in a place with crazy guys who drafted me, look will this meeting be long? because I want to take the next ship back to home I been gone for so long
      and I wouldn't be surprise if my goldfish gone and died."Bride said

      at the meeting place................

      "gentlemen I see you brought Miss Bride, was there any trouble with bringing her back here?"Hargrove asked

      "not really, she came willingly when we told her she wouldn't be in that base anymore with those ex teammates of hers that make her go crazy."man-2 said calmly

      "you really didn't have to kill them you know..........you could of I don't know, told them you wish to take me away to be reassigned."Bride says

      "yeah well where's the fun in that?"man-1 said with a chuckle

      "....................you seriously are not right in the head dude, seriously it is like space is just crawling with nut jobs left and right."Bride said

      "I'll take that as a complement Bride."man-1 said

      "now if you three are done talking, I have a mission for you Miss Bride, that is if you are up to the task."Hargrove said

      "What's this about taking a mission? never said I would grandpa."Bride said

      "oh I believe you will, if you want to keep that family of yours safe."

      after he speaks about her family in such a way she slams her left hand on his desk and used her right hand to grab him by his

      neck collar.

      "what was that about my family you walking mummy?!"Bride asks and the two men were about to shoot her but were stop by Hargrove placing one hand up.

      "hear me out Miss Bride, if you turn this mission down and refuse to work for me..............I will send my men to your home town back on earth, and I will give them the word to take them all out...............your older sister, your little baby brother, your grandparents..........everyone you love gone, like they were never there.......and never existed, you lost your parents in this war, first your father and then a year after your brother was born your mother was called into the field of

      battle.............you really want to lose more family?"Hargrove said

      ".............................fine, I will work for you.............but if you so much as go after my family while I'm still working for you.................I'm going to make you a hot

      bloody mess on the ground, that is a promise............you cross me and I will end you grandpa."Bride said

      "fair enough, now for your mission............."

      *time skip*

      "Siris are you in position?"


      "yo, old man are you in position or not?"

      "yes Labella, I. Am. in. position! and don't call me old man......."

      "hey! no using my first name, it's Bride to you Siris."

      "right, of course."Siris replies but then adds in a not so quietly to himself

      "why did Hargrove have to stick me with this kid."

      "I heard that, and FYI I'm 21 thank you very much."

      "could of fooled me........did you find the room yet?"

      "not yet, wonder why that old far-"


      "fine, I wonder why Hargrove wants us to get well whatever it is that he wont tell us this thing is all he told us is that it is in a secret vault and it's under lockdown and it has what about 30 men watching over it........it sounds like a suicide mission to me, what's so great about this secret weapon that he wont tell us anything?!"

      "Bride, well he did tell me what it is that we are looking for and that you are not to know until we find it and I think you really shouldn't question Hargrove's orders."

      "it isn't that I question right now, it is his sanity I'm questioning."


      "gotta go Siris, looks like I got some dance partners that want to cut in right now."

      three men catches her but then after one of them called for back up, ten more showed up.

      "well you boys want to go toe to toe with me? okay then.............."

      just as she clenched her fists sparks start to form

      "let's go babies!"

      she starts to throw a punch to the guy on her left and then stops another guy with her foot and grabs him by his helmet and uses the plasma sparks in her gloves 

      to shock him out cold and let him fall on the floor

      "sorry about that sleeping beauty but just be glad I didn't use the full power of the plasma sparks on ya, it could of killed you."she said as one of the men was sneaking up behind her
      but as he was close enough, Bride turns around really fast and stabs him with a black energy sword and after she pulled it out of him
      he fell on the floor dead

      "well I guess it's okay if I only kill one guy right?"she said as she starts to fight more.

      with Siris he was growing tired of waiting for Bride so he decided to go after her

      when he caught up with her in a hall way

      he was surprised to find three out cold forms with about ten dead bodies with them on the floor and Bride had her left foot on one of their backs

      "what took you so long? sorry that there wasn't enough to go around for ya old man."

      "for the last time don't call me.........augh, anyway we really should hurry we can't keep Hargrove waiting."

      "you mean you can't keep him waiting, I could care less about keeping that old turd waiting."Bride whispers

      "what was that?"

      "nothing........let's just hurry like you said..........can't keep him waiting."Bride said

      with two guards guarding the vault

      "so........did you see the game last night?"

      "yep, we lost.......I think the other team was cheating."

      "oh yeah they were so cheating but does the referee say anything about it? no he doesn't, I think he was in on it man."

      "so true!"

      "hello boys......"a woman's voice said and the two look over and see a very beautiful woman wearing a white strapless dress

      "dude is this a dream........?"

      "if it is don't wake me up."

      just then she starts to walk over to them and the two watch her swaying hips

      as she got close enough she touched both of their shoulders

      and sending a shock through them from her hands that made them fall to the floor out cold.

      just then Siris comes out of a corner and holding the woman's white helmet with blue trim.

      "you can turn that off now, they are out cold they wont be seeing you in that again any time soon."he said

      just then the dress changed to white armor with blue trim.

      "yeah yeah, don't see why you wouldn't let me hide

      what I look like with the hologram disguise."Bride said as she takes her helmet from him and puts it back on her head.

      "you know that would of taken up too much of the energy of your armor, now let's open this up and go."

      "yeah but I just have to ask, next time you be the sexy lady who gets those two to let their guard down."

      "yeah, let's say I don't do that......"Siris said as he breaks the lock and opens the vault.

      "wow, is that a sleeping alien? and it's wearing all black, kind of cool if you think about it.......it's not gonna wake up and kill us is it?"

      "no, it looks like it is in a deep sleep in this cryogenic pod."

      "why would he want one of those Sanghe-"Bride asks but is cut off before she can say the full name of the race that the said alien belongs to.

      "we don't ask why, we just get the job done and the next job after this is picking up a dead body for him.......he's going to try to transfer the mind from the dead body to the alien, in a way he is going to try to bring a old friend of mine back to life."

      "wow, anyone I know?"

      "no and if he does come back to life because of that plan of Hargrove's works.........I want you to stay as far away from the guy, he's to dangerous for you to be around or talk to him."

      "well if the soon to be former human to alien is that bad, I will take your word for it........so what's his name the guy we are playing frankenstein with?"Bride said

      "his name.............is Felix."

      "well since he is getting a new body, can we call him Oscar?"

      "very funny Bride. but not the time."

      and that is about it, I guess I did a little bit better editing it

      plus I was going to have one of my friends help with it but even if they said they would love to, it came to me that they might be a little well busy

      so I decided to do the editing and adding a small fight scene by myself.

      but maybe if when they have a little more free time, we can work on this more maybe.

      but I guess it is fine right now,

      I wanted to write down that Bride shoots one of the men in the lap.

      but oh well and if you didn't get the Felix and Oscar joke, it's okay.

      and it's okay that no one likes the idea of Felix's mind from his dead body being place into a alien's body and thus bringing him back to life,

      then again maybe only a few would find that interesting,

      well other than that, I'm curious what they will do for the next season of red vs blue

      and am I the only one that thinks that Hargrove looks like a Observer from that show


      maybe I'm the only one who thinks that on here.

      and I hope you like this even if it may need a little more work.

      well see ya later.

  • About Me

    well I'm the original dirtbag, like when I was a baby I was a little piggy

    and plus I took a lot of naps when I was younger, plus I think the reason why I ate more than I normally did before some years back, was because a boy my age broke my heart.

    well either that or I just had a very big appetite, I was a pretty big new born, but the whole getting my heart broken happen when I was still in school...........

    and plus my mom had salads when she was pregnant with me, no wonder I ate so much when I was a baby, I was starving.

    I mean nothing but salads, I mean come on!

    I like to eat salads myself but ya need more then just salads.

    I may still have a big appetite but I don't think it is the same like it was before, I have lost a lot of

    weight, my arms use to be a bit........I'm going to say big, but now they are more small but not crazy skinny small, more like the normal between skinny and having the normal size meat on bones.

    but it does seem I do more sleeping than I do eating now.

    and plus even if I never had a baby before, even when I was younger my mom says I can be a

    mother hen, like the time when I was younger I saw another kid picking on my cousin and well I think it was my mom who stop me from going over there and giving that kid what for.

    so yeah I'm kinda like the female version of Grif so what, I'm only a little like Grif.

    I'm still me and I like video games, movies, drawing, writing, comics and other stuff.

    I really don't do well outside though, I mean more in night time to be totally honest.

    I mean I freak out for being left alone too long in a car because I'm afraid of someone coming who is very scary and possibly a man who might try to.............you know, do things to me.

    one time when I was waiting in the car for my mom and someone else in my family, and well it was night time and well I was so nervous and scared and when they did show up they scared me that I hit the back of my head on well I think it was the door of the car of the car and I was inside the car at the time so it hurt like a lot and well it was either the car door or the roof or a little of both.

    and that happen like this year on 2015 that was like a few months ago.

    I guess I am a little scared of men, and I am scared of being well raped.

    I mean it is so much easy for me to just talk to them and just be friends with them online

    and only meeting them on some online game and you only have to meet their avatars.

    plus I can try to hide the fact that I'm scared to be alone with a guy.......I mean if we had met in real life, I would feel so uneasy around them at first.

    but I guess if I get to know a guy a little more and he gets my trust, I may become less scared of him.

    it took me years to learn how to read and write because of the teachers at my school didn't bother to try to wake me up and teach me more when I was taking naps............yeah even at school I took a lot of naps........but was sleepy all the time and can you blame me?

    and plus I hated that old school I use to go to, and even if they did throw a going away party for me that one time because me and my family were moving to a new place, they probably were just happy that I was leaving..........the two-faced jerks, seriously.

    sure they act nice on the outside but thinking about it now, they were probably just pretending, I mean sure I made some mistakes when I was there but I also got blamed for stuff that I either didn't mean for or that I didn't even do at all.

    I may not remember much while being at that first school of mine, but I'm pretty sure after all the stupid stuff that happen to me when I was around others...........I'm pretty sure I decided to keep to myself after all that happen.

    I even lost my only best friend at that school because I was made to do something I really didn't want to do by the big kids...........and if that so called best friend of mine didn't bother to tell the whole story to the teachers on what happen and that the older kids made me, then well you know what who needs that so called friend..........and yes the so called ex-best friend was a boy.

    the next day I believe, he said he didn't want to play with me and was going to play with some other kid.......I think another boy.

    stupid big kids wouldn't let me off the bus, I may not remember much from that day or what those older kids looked like........but I can only remember a little of that day.........but it was because of them I lost a friend.........and it is possibly one of the reasons I don't want to get too close to any so called 'friends' at school.

    I guess you could say that at my new school, the friends there weren't much friends but more like friendly acquaintances that I only had to see on school days.

    I mean sure when I was at that new school, I got a crush on some stupid boy but he turned me down and broke my heart and well never been much boy crazy like that since.........I'm older and smarter now

    and thank goodness for that.

    I'm not really as out going as I use to be when I was some dumb kid who didn't know much of anything.

    but I had learn some things, like you can't trust some kid you use to go to school with who you thought was your friend and think they would stand up for you and tell what really happen

    or you think that the bullies would stop picking on you at your first school and stop placing the blame on you for things you didn't even do or didn't do on purpose.

    I learn to never ever get close to people who go to school with me because I know that they are just fake and will just stab me in the back if I fully trust them.

    and plus one time at that new school I went to and had graduated from, I was eating at lunch and minding my own business when these two bimbos start fighting in the middle of the lunch room.

    and they started to come my way and I only had time to move my stuff like my bag and whatever else I had with me but sadly not my tray of food...........that was sadly 'killed' in the crossfire.

    those two girls messed with my lunch! no one and I mean no one messes with my lunch!

    and they are so lucky I didn't try to pull their stupid hairs out of their stupid skulls and slap them so hard they would think before they ruin a perfectly good tray of food that I was still eating!

    and believe me you would not like me when I'm really angry and those two stupid girls didn't have to come to my table and cause my food to end up being well all over the place.

    so yeah they should be lucky I only walked away and only gave them a glare

    because other wise I would of most likely bash their stupid moronic so called 'popular' girly heads against each other.

    and you know what really annoyed me when going to that school, when a boy and a girl would kiss/make out while at school.

    it gets so annoying, I mean the rest of us are there to try to learn and hope to be out of the place soon so we can go home and here those two are kissing away and sucking face

    and they don't seem to care how awkward, uncomfortable and gross out they are making others feel.

    here is a thing, wait until you two get out of the school and go to each others place to make out and stop kissing in front of everyone that goes to school with you, it's annoying.

    it gets annoying when you find them making out in the middle of the hall of the school and they just keep kissing and kissing and being all stupid because they don't even bother to stop and think, hmm maybe we should wait until after school to make out and the other being like okay because I don't want to annoy or make anyone feel uncomfortable

    but no, instead they keep doing it and you can only hope you don't run into them or others like them when you walk down the hall to your next class.

    I had to put up with that ever since I went to high school.........worse time ever.

    and when I was younger and had well bloomed a little early when I was 12 years old.

    my older brother wanted my mom to tape me down.

    that meaning taping my chest down.......I think I was 14 years old at the time when he ask my mom to tape me down, he most likely didn't like the idea of his little sister having well those

    so yeah it may not have been so bad when I first started to bloom but when my older brother starts to notice the changes when I'm a little older by the age of 14 years old, it gets a little embarrassing.

    even when he did start to notice, it was how the leather jacket was tight and may have showed the.....well yeah, that's my protective brother for you.

    and well I never did like showing off my figure at school, so I think I remember trying to hide my figure with clothes that would make it hard to tell what kind of figure I have.

    I mean ever since my things got a little bigger it made me want to hide them from others...........mostly boys my age.

    I'm a little shy okay and plus I already have to put up with having a big butt

    yes, I have a big butt...........reasons why I hide my figure both for the front and back mostly.

    and yeah I have childbearing hips well that's what my mom says, she's been telling me that since I was a teenager.

    tell ya more about me later, right now I'm going to get some ice cream with chocolate syrup.

    well lets see where was I? well I don't do well with some high places, I mean as long as I'm inside and I'm not on something that is like unsafe with out walls that the stairs are in the middle of, I'm pretty much okay.
    one time when I was younger, I had to go down some stairs that were like all wooden and go up to some apartment, and well my mom had already went down but I was too scared to go down because

    I was deadly afraid, think of a cat that is too scared to get down.

    so yeah it was that bad, my mom help me out thankfully but

    I don't think I would of made it down on my own because of how scared I was.

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    sounds awesome, by the way sorry I'm late replying to this.

    but yeah again it does sound awesome, there might be RWBY and RvB crossover on fan fiction

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