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    • [Suggestion] Contest to play with AH

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      I don't know how much I would be willing to pay, but there is certainly an amount for a chance to pick one member of Achievement Hunter of my choice, and play minecraft online and be able to talk to them over Skype.

      I am probably not the only one.

      And hypothetically if you (as in forum members here) entered the contest and won, which one would you pick? I'ld play with Gavin. As a Canadian I think it'ld be funny being something akin to his little cousin.

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    • A Humble Proposal: Please Time Minecraft

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      My title might be a little nonsensical, my humblest thousand apologies. I think it would be maybe a little interesting, and perhaps convenient to lessen the confusion of those who partake in watching the Minecraft LP's if there was a "clocktimer" or perhaps local time meter in the top left or right corner of the video's. Sometimes there's a lot of jumping around between cuts? Maybe I'm just unusually sensitive to spacial disturbances, maybe I'm part Time Lord but it would be nice to maintain that sense of the flow of time as the video's progress.

      Thank you.

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