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    • Extra Life 2016

      2 years ago


      It seems like Extra Life is the only thing I really use this journal for, but so what?

      I really don't think my voice will work right now, as I'm absolutely amazed by the generosity of the Rooster Teeth Community.  After 24 hours of video game streaming, and idiotic stunts, the current total for donations and poster sales is rounded to $850,000!

      That's a staggering amount of money for any charitable cause, but for it to be raised in 24 hours is phenomenal.


      I hope the Community is proud of itself, as it has every right to be at the moment.  The money raised is going to be a great help to many people at Dell Children's Hospital, and that's definitely something to be proud of.

      As for the company staff, please, go home and sleep.  You've all easily earned it!

    • Extra Life 2015

      3 years ago


      That was certainly an experience. If I could mimic Ruby's voice I'd now say "That. Was. AWESOME!!" But I can't, so hopefully the words alone will suffice.

      Until last October, when I watched some of the Extra Life stream done by Rooster Teeth, I hadn't heard of it. But, after last year's, I decided I was going to watch the whole thing this year.

      The amazing people of the company and this Community never cease to impress me, and given the total raised between donations and poster sales should pass $500,000, I think everyone involved should feel very proud, even if some of the staff were crazy. Mr Michael Jones getting tasered being high on the list.

      Anyway, it might have only been 24 hours, but the work done and money raised is going to be a great help to many people, and that's definitely something to be proud of.

      Congratulations to Rooster Teeth and its Community for a phenomenal outcome!

    • Old Private Messages

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      I'm curious: will the old private messages that users had saved be moved over to the new site?

      Thank you.

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    • Why I'm a fan of Rooster Teeth

      3 years ago


      First of all:

      Happy 12th Birthday Rooster Teeth! I look forward to another successful 12 years and beyond!

      Now, why I'm a fan, and I should warn any readers that this is a bit convoluted:

      In a roundabout way, I had been a fan of Rooster Teeth for a few years before I knew of the company directly. I'd heard of and read references to Red vs Blue, and had a general idea of the plot, but I had never watched it until recently. I'm now working my way through the series from the start. Additionally, I knew of Monty Oum from his fan made video series of Dead Fantasy, although I have no idea now how I found that series. Also, a friend had mentioned The Slow Mo Guys a few times, which I had watched on YouTube and again, found entertaining.

      Anyway, about 8 months ago, I heard of RWBY, with a brief description, and the fact that it was Monty Oum's latest project, so I was curious as I had enjoyed his previous works. I watched the Red Trailer, and remained curious enough to keep watching. By the time I'd seen all 4, I was really interested, so I carried on with the series. Now, I don't mind saying that I'm hooked on it, and am grateful that it's being continued even with Monty's untimely passing. I look forward to Volume 3.

      While watching RWBY Volume 1, again on YouTube, I became more aware of Rooster Teeth, and investigated this site, learning of the massive amount of material that they produce each week. I'd never realised how large an umbrella Rooster Teeth actually was until that point!

      Now I'm a fan simply because I think a lot of their material is hilarious, or just greatly entertaining. Naturally I can't watch EVERYTHING because there is far too much to watch, but RWBY, The Slow Mo Guys, On The Spot, and RT Life, and the weekly Podcast are my preferred shows. On The Spot is what I look forward to on a Thursday evening because I want to see who the new team is, and what hilarious insanity will ensue during the 30-40 minutes. And RT Life is great for random craziness, such as the Nerf War. smiley1.gif

      So, thank you Rooster Teeth for being such an amazing company that entertains many, many people around the world. I am proud to call myself a fan and a member of the community, and I've made a few new friends via the community too, which is a brilliant bonus.

      Oh, I nearly forgot to put the @RTContests tag! That would have been a stupid mistake to make. That said however, I already have a holiday booked for 1st - 8th August this year, so I sadly can't attend RTX 2015. Hopefully I'll plan better for next year!

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