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    • a goal update

      2 weeks ago

      asexualgavin Team Plan G

      remember when i said i wanted rtx london 2018 to somehow beat my 2017 experience....thats happened already and the convention isnt until september 

      i got to announce rtx london.......yeah.........that happened

      im still at a loss for words and been like 6 hours but listen im gonna be in shock about this for a while so forgive me

      anyway i love everyone at this company so much and i wouldnt be here without them and i really mean that so hey if you work for rt and read this: thank you for everything

      and yeah bring on september 15th and 16th im ready (and have been the second rtx london 2017 ended no-one is surprised there)


      p.s seriously though this really meant the world to me and also thanks to everyone who was supportive and nice to me on twitter and stuff throughout the day it made me even happier 

    • my 2018 goals / aka my first journal wow amazing

      3 weeks ago

      asexualgavin Team Plan G

      So since everyone in the world is using the rt site i thought i'd Finally make my first ever journal (the fact its taken years to do this alarming but hey better late than never)

      Anyway i'm sure like 99% of the people who even see this already know me but if you're part of 1% who don't: hi i'm rebecca i use twitter 24/7, i use emojis constantly and i love achievement hunter a lot, thats it thats all you need to know

      But as the title suggests this is about my 2018 goals so here are they are, even though no one probably cares about my goals but i thought it was a good way to start posting on here (i am aware its feburary and im just posting this but lets move past that)

      Goal 1) sort my mental health out

      that's honestly a Whole Thing but in the first month of the year i've made so much more progress in terms of being honest about whats going on with my parents and stuff (well 90% of the truth) and i even applied for counselling so that for me is a big step forward (just gotta wait for them to accept me which could be a while but i'll survive don't worry)

      Goal 2) start reading again

      ok so this is something i've been wanting to do for months but i just haven't had the energy or time or motivation but now i certainly have all of the time in the world so hopefully i'll get around to that soon (i mean i got 3 massive web design books for christmas they're not gonna read themselves huh) (and i still haven't started ready player one and i bought that in like september)

      Goal 3) spend more time with my quote real life friends unquote

      yeah i haven't been the best at keeping up with people since i left my job and got Sad but the other week my friend invited me out and i went for pizza it was great and me, him and our other friend are meant to be going out again soon so that should be fun!!!! and i just need to talk to people from high school again (well the people i can stand to be around but thats a WHOLE other thing)

      Goal 4) meet david tennant

      this one is pretty self-explanatory to be honest with you all

      Goal 5) somehow have a better rtx london than 2017

      I truly do not know how this is possible considering how incredible last year was and I met literally everyone I wanted to??? and I got to spend the weekend with my friends who I made through twitter because of the rt community (shoutout to the chicken squad) and i have so many good memories from that weekend its unreal, it really was the happiest i have EVER been and hopefully this year can make me feel the same way.

      Ok that's all for my first ever journal sorry that i literally don't use capitial letters when i'm supposed to, that is just how things are gonna work around here when i post something, the authentic rebecca experience.

      Anyway i hope this was somewhat interesting for at least one person at least, but it felt good to finally post something on here, so hey if you haven't yet you should even if its a long ramble-y post out of nowhere like this was.

      have a good day everyone!! sparkling_heart

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    im rebecca and i love geoff and gavin  geoff gavin

    twitter: @asexualgavin

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      Welcome to the community! :D

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