As I've been a Rooster Teeth/Let's Play Family fan fan for quite a while now, I've drawn a lot of inspiration from it. For 2 years, I ran a solo YouTube channel. Nothing I ever planned on making a career out of, but more as a hobby. Recently though, I've found less and less joy in doing so. I've finally decided to do something new. 

After watching some Burnie's Vlogs and the usual unhealthy dose of Achievement Hunter, I've decided I want to start a group YouTube channels with some friends and fellow creators that I've had a lot of fun working with in the past. Further than that, I'll finally have the opportunity to do more than just let's play content. I plan to work on some new voice over work for special gaming themed videos, and new podcast, fun skits, and more vlogging, all the while continuing to make fun let's play videos with my friends. 

I'm very very excited to see this come to fruition, and I hope to see something even more come out of it. I would absolutely love to build a community, and that's just what I intend to do. I have high hopes that this will be able to bring the joy of recording a creating back to me. I just wanted to take a short moment to thank Rooster Teeth and the Let's Play family to inspire me and motivate me to start on my next adventure.