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    • Rebecca Announced RTX London 2018 / I'm Using This Now

      1 year ago


      ayyyy a post on the rt site! crazy i know.

      What better way to start the RTX London hype than to give the responsibility of announcing the event to Rebecca (@asexualgavin) one of my closest friends of the past two years; and really the reason I'm involved in this community in the first place. I've never really talked about it before, but I watched RT for a long time before I engaged with the community at all. I had been following Rebecca on Twitter for a while, and seeing how happy it made her to interact with other RT fans and the staff on there, and just how positive and supportive of everyone she was, lead me to make my own account and actually get involved. Thanks Rebecca <3 this kind of just puts the cherry on top of everything that this event is about for me. Could not have happened to a sweeter person! (i love you rebecca, i will always be a rebecca stan) 

      My friends and I have already started planning where we're going to stay and this event honestly just means more to me than I can even explain. It's the only time of year I get to see my friends from all around the world, and get to interact with this community on such a close and personal level! Not to mention meeting staff members, all of whom are literally always the kindest people you'll ever meet in your LIFE.

      Molly (@treycotrash on twitter and @molly_gg on here) and I are debating some different ideas for cosplays. We are the gals responsible for the Slow Mo Guys cosplays (with pink shorts and all) from last years event, so that is the kind of top tier content you can expect from us. 

      Anyway THANK YOU SO MUCH EVERYONE AT ROOSTER TEETH FOR THIS EVENT and specifically to the people who gave Rebecca the announcement to make! Y'all know who you are. I see you. I love you. 



    • 3 years ago

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